Selected Publications

Allen, J.A., McKay, J.L., Sawers, A., Hackney, M.E., Ting, L.H. (2017) Increased neuromuscular consistency in gait and balance after partnered, dance-based rehabilitation in Parkinson’s disease. Journal of Neurophysiology. PDF

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Sawers, A., and Ting, L.H. (2015) Beam walking can detect differences in walking balance proficiency across a range of sensorimotor abilities. Gait and Posture41(2):619-23. PDF Supplemental Video Novice – Supplemental Video Expert – Supplemental Video Amputee

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Sawers, A., Ting, L.H. (2014) Perspectives on human-human sensorimotor interactions for the design of rehabilitation robots. Journal of Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation.11:142. PDF

Additional Publications

Sawers, A., Kelly, V.E., Kartin D., Hahn M.E. (2013) Gradual training reduces the challenge to lateral balance control during practice and subsequent performance of a novel locomotor task. Gait and Posture38(4):907-11. PDF

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